Do to the impact of COVID-19 on our community we are currently only accepting donations for the Common Table. We plan to continue to work with 383 USD Fit Closet in the Fall of 2020!

  • Thank you very much for your interest in donating.
  • You can select the cause you would like your donation to go towards and donate any amount by typing it in the box below.
  • The community members lives you are reaching with your generosity greatly appreciate your donation at whatever level is comfortable for you.
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The Fit 3xp is incredibly grateful for everyone who donates. Each and every contribution, however large or small, makes an impact in our community.

Common Table

In our continuing efforts to encourage and aid in the healthy and active lifestyle in youth, The Fitness 3xperience proudly teamed up with the Common Table. A collective of churches in the Manhattan Kansas community which provides meals for families in need. We are accepting donations on behalf of the Common Table, where 100% of the proceeds will go to help feed families whose kids would typically depend on school lunches or parents are out of work right now.

383 USD Fit Closet

We can all agree that we want our kids to grow up happy & healthy. One way to aid in ensuring that for the future generation is sports. Playing a sport or sports during ones younger years help with not only physical development but also mental development. A few of the benefits of sports for children are: Regular Exercise, Develops Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Develop Social skills and relationships, Teaches Respect, Teaches Leadership Skills, Communications Skills, Time Management & the list goes on.

Keeping that and our goal in mind of encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for all, we will be accepting used sporting equipment, shoes & clothing at The Fitness Ǝxperience. The donations will go to help children who would not otherwise be able to be active by playing sports without your help. We are proud to be working with USD 383 FIT Closet and Leveling The Playing Field to further the effort.



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