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Keeping our goal in mind of encouraging a healthy lifestyle for all, and getting kids active at a young age. Kids who would have benefited from our donation are out of school for the rest of the year. As you may know, many kids depend on school lunch and even breakfast as the bulk of their or only source of nutrition. We all know diet is a vital part of fitness, and these kids and their families are struggling due to the coronavirus. Keeping that in mind, we would like to focus our efforts to try and contribute to Common Table. A collective of churches in the Manhattan Kansas community which provides meals for families in need. We are collecting donations on their behalf here, TheFit3xp.com/Charities. We are also selling event shirts here, TheFit3xp.com/Shop where proceeds will go to the Common Table as well.

Getting Ready

Tips For a Better Connection!

• Connect your internet cable directly to the computer.
• Close all other active browser windows.
• Set the ”Do not disturb” or Airplane mode.
• Check your Internet plan. 500 MB is  recommended. Lesser speed may lead to synchronization issues. But nothing dramatic.
• If it’s possible, ask other family members in house not to use the Wi-fi during this event.

For a louder sound, connect a speaker ! For a better visual experience, connect your laptop to your TV!